“The ONLY time you can Grow is Right Now!”
-Grow and Lead Rich

What is the secret to Stop Procrastinating?

When we procrastinate, we allow negative emotions about a future action to influence our current behavior. If we felt good, we would just do it. When we consider doing it, we feel a bad emotion.  Interestingly, because we feel negative emotion in our present state, we often have a hard time predicting how we will actually feel.

For instance: Even though we have exercised several times, and felt good and satisfied afterward, we may still procrastinate.

What do we often procrastinate?

Usually, the tasks we procrastinate are actually Good for us!

Exercise…Getting out of bed… Chores… Pay bills… School Projects…Reading… Meditating…

Our minds anticipate a negative emotional state from doing these tasks, but often that negative emotional state never arrives. Sometimes we actually FEEL BETTER!

In some ways, procrastination is an illusion!

How do I stop procrastinating?

Change your environment! If you are having a difficult time starting a task, take what you need and move to a different location. This can be effective because once your in a new location, the only thing left to do is the task.

Focus on the next incremental step! Sometimes we procrastinate because of how much time  or effort we think it will take. So, focus on a much smaller task. Instead of thinking about writing 10 pages, think about writing one sentence. Instead of thinking about jogging for 30 minutes, focus on just 5 minutes.

Actively Procrastinate! Work on another task then the one you are procrastinating. Don’t feel like writing? Clean instead. Don’t feel like cleaning? Exercise instead. Don’t feel like exercising? Write instead.

Recall previous results! Often after we accomplish something, even simple things, we feel good. Try to recall all the times you appreciated the fruits of your labors.

Take action regardless of how you feel! This is the ultimate solution. Learning to take action even when you aren’t feeling good. Often, we feel better because we took action!

Live in the Present moment! Remember: the only time we can grow is right now!


  1. Think about a task you are procrastinating.
  2. Notice how you feel about it, and listen to your thought about this particular task.
  3. Reduce the task to the next incremental step.
  4. Recall what happened last time you took action (or a similar task).
  5. Tell yourself “Now is the time to take action, regardless of how I feel”.
  6. Then perform that very small incremental step (Standup, open web page, pick up phone etc).

Leave a comment below on what you are procrastinating

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